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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A new toy for Baby N. : a rain stick

Baby N. seems to particularly enjoy hitting her toys against doors, walls, furniture, table etc. as if the sounds were the most interesting things in the world. She also does like to use her toy-box as a drum. So I decided it was time to make her a cheap, easy-to-make, "music" instrument! It is commonly called a "rain stick" although mine doesn't sound quite so "rainy" as others you can buy in shops or online.

Take an empty kitchen roll, close one end with paper and brown-tape, fill it with whatever you have in your cupboard: lentils, rice, or both, or beads... whatever makes noise really! I used Basmati and dessert rice. I did not have anything else and thought of adding beads too late. It could have helped making more noise but well... Then close the other side too (no sticky tape side inside otherwise the rice will stick to it!). I decided to wrap the whole roll with brown tape to make sure it would not rip open and get rice everywhere. And then it just wanted a bit of "prettying", so I got some cheap "Geschenkband" which is a ribbon intended for wrapping presents, not for sewing. Some glue - mine is based on water and without solvant which I think is probably better for a young child as it might end up going in the mouth or being licked.
Finally, make a picture, post it on your blog or to me ;) , and give the toy to your child with a smile. Baby N. immediately started hammering the desk with it... She isn't always a very refined little girl!

There you go, easy and quick to make. Easy to grab and use for your child. Endless possible games with this rain stick (just hoping it will not end up being used to hit other children).

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