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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Guest Post: G. from France - First course for a Summer meal

Summer has been around for a while in this part of Europe, and the weather is soooo warm, here is a small dish (first course) which G. (Mum) made a while back but that fits perfectly my current appetite ;)

Short story without, or at least very few, words:

Shallots and Cucumber
Some strings for later decorations
A touch of cream cheese
Liquid cream and herbs over the tuna
Empty the tomatoes
Sweet corn
Fresh chives (from the garden if you can)
Add a tablespoon of the tuna mix
A small piece of parmesan both for decoration and taste,
then serve!
 I leave you to think of a main dish. There are so many possibilities! I will show you a full menu of mine soon.

In the meantime, how about a tiny sweet dessert? To be accompanied by a fruit compote, this is just perfect!
 Madeleines with raisins and chocolate chips
 Bon Appétit!

P.S: I have just realised that the diced cucumber does not belong to that recipe, I do not remember what G. (Mum) made of them during that meal ^^. And maybe a summary of the ingredients would be a good idea:

- shallots, a cucumber, herbs (fresh if possible), tomatoes (one for two persons), sweet corn, mapple syrup, liquid cream, cream cheese and parmesan. Oh and obviously some tuna :)

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