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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Travel wallet

Finally I get on posting something new! I am sorry for the delay but I am not very well these days so things are taking longer, plus Baby N. is growing quickly now (crawling all around the flat and sleeping much less!) so there is little time left to write very much but also to even sew something! But here is one of the last things I managed to make (in a hurry).
Up to now I had never bothered taking things out of my wallet when travelling abroad, but around Easter my father-in-law got his wallet pickpocketed which made me think twice about it when I travelled again. One has so many things in one's wallet! Most of them are not needed when you are not in your home country, so since I was travelling on my own with Baby N. (by plane), I decided to take the bare minimum. The only "problem" was that I did not have anything of the right size to accomodate Baby N.' passport. That was solved rather quickly by taking some fabrics (I do like checking the fabric section in Ikea, they often have remains which they sell for a euro or so), press-studs and the sewing-machine, cutting and sewing in a few hours (hence the poor finished-look by the way!).

First step: making a sample with paper to check the idea(s), then cut and sew for real. One of the pictures does give you the dimensions of the different small pockets (without seam-allowance!) - but the whole thing (if memory serves - forgot to write it down) is 15cm x 30cm (again without seam-allowance).
 Here I added (pretty much at the last minute) an extra pocket for my driving-licence. I wasn't sure whether I would need it on my trip or not.
 Everything on this wallet closes with a press-stud. I had no time to think of something 1) prettier 2) easier to use.
The dimensions
 A couple more pictures to see it as a whole:
 To summarise:This wallet can accomodate 1x passport, 1x ID card (French format), coins, 4x cards (here 2x credit cards and 2x health insurance cards), 1x parisian transport ticket (or more), 1 x german transport ticket, 1x driving licence (French format) and various papers (boarding pass or luggage check-list for instance). All this in a rather supple wallet that fits easily in an over-full mummy's handluggage.
 Would you make something similar for yourself? :)

P.S: all the small folds and straps are explained by my fear (maybe even phobia) of losing anything. I always worry that things might just slide out of the wallet. Only for the transport tickets (on the left side) do not have the planned straps because I managed to pull myself together and accept the fact that I could lose them, it would not be a very big deal.

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