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Thursday, 28 June 2012

My neighbour Totoro

No pattern, just a quick drawing and a picture in mind
Totoro ready to be stuffed (and maybe looking at its best)
Looking weird, rather square and flat :-(
The tail isn't centered properly
The idea of making a Totoro came to me in the first place after seeing Yencamade's own music-box Totoro (click here). Hers looks much better I think! I must admit that it did take me a little while and I made it from my bed (since I have been sick for a little while). My mother-in-law helped with some of the machine sewing which was very nice of her.  But nevertheless here is a list of the "problems": 
- the top of the head is far too flat, I should have cut a much rounder shape in the fabric.
- the white fabric that I used, although amazingly soft and fluffy, is rather unpractical when it comes to embroider the eyes.
- the shape of the arms is just plain weird.
- I realised too late that I had forgotten the five marks that Totoro is supposed to have on the belly
- ... and other things probably!

What do you think? I just hope that my sister will still find it acceptable and maybe one day I will try again, making it much rounder. The only use I can see for that Totoro: be a cushion :) (in which case it isn't quite so bad since cushions are usually quite flat).

I'll post again soon. In the meantime I whish you a pleasant day!


  1. bah oui, c'est vrai, il est un peu flat du bonnet, mais moi je dis bravo, parce que sans patron, je suis pas capable de faire aussi bien!!
    Félicitations quand même!

  2. Je n'ai pas réussi à trouver de patron Totoro en ligne... donc il faut improviser. Si tu t'y lances je pourrais te dire ce qu'il ne faut PAS faire ;)

  3. Hi Fred!
    I totally agree with Steph. It's super cute anyway. I had the same problem at first with mine. I guess you should shape the three body-fabric-parts as raindrops to make it more 3D. And as I embroidered on nicki I also had the problem with the fabric sunken stitches. All I could do was to embroider many many layers. But I think you were smarter then me and embroidered the face before you sewed the different parts togehter. It was almost impossible for me to stich on the whiskers and the claws nicely because I didn't want to have the knot outside on the right side. If you embroider first it's way easier.
    But great result anyway!

  4. Hi Cristina,

    the paws I did after filling them, the knots are visible if you look extremely carefully and closely. As for the face, yes it was done beforehand, but then I forgot the belly marks :-(
    Ah well, it will be better next time (if next time there is)

  5. I think it is charmingly wonky!

  6. Thanks Katherine ^^ Wonky is the perfect word for it!