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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some links to share

Sorry for the lack of recent articles, I have a few things to post about but little energy and time these days... Baby N. is turning into a toddler and is very keen on having her mummy to play with her (or most of the time rather be her cushion!). I promise I will write something soon with pictures :)

In the meantime have a look at those two links:

This first one, Neverseconds (my husband came accross it while reading the news), is not related to DIY or sewing but to food. A young british girl (9-year-old) is holding a blog about her school meals... Rather sad and shocking in my opinion!

This second link , Childsown,  is a great concept! Parents send their childen's drawings which are turned into toys! That is a great inspiration, cannot wait to see if I can do something similar when my girl starts drawing, that would be such an original toy!
I love that one by a little 2-year-old Kaylee:
Isn't that sweet?

That's all for now, I will write again soon.

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