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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Travelling and shopping with Baby

There are a certain number of blogs which I follow fairly regularly, and I often find interesting and useful things to make. One in particular was especially good for me/us since we have a young baby who now sits down very well and loves a ride in a shopping-trolley:
 Baby seat and Trolley seat (on this blog, someone made a small change already on the Baby seat).
Although it was tempting to do both seats, it did not really satisfy me, I rather liked the idea of a seat that could do both chairs and trolleys, and therefore using less space in my Mother-Baby bag!

Here is my attempt - all lessons learned: I need to make it longer on both ends and the belt should be a bit lower on the back - other than that it works really well and allowed me to spend a lovely week at my in-laws without having Baby N. on the knees all the time. 

WARNING: even if it holds well, the child should never be left unattended on the seat!! 

Test ride in Lidl : the front isn't long enough to cover the handle.

We used a chair with arms because Baby N. just wanted to lean over and check what was on the ground (a cat and her thrown toys)

 Material used:
* two different fabrics
* a length of padding
* two meters of elastic band
* two clips from an old backpack

* bias tape

Far from being perfect but that is usually what happens when I experiment on already existing tutorial :) - At least it is practical!

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