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Friday, 20 April 2012

Joint efforts = great results

Just before Easter I published a sneak-peek of what was coming up on this blog. Finally today is the day you will discover the whole project!
It was a joint project with my mother, G., my mother-in-law, H. and myself. It was a lot of work (more than expected) but worth it! My daughter looked splendid (as per usual I would say).

Baby N. was baptised a week after Easter. For the occasion she required a lovely dress as well as a white piece of clothing which she would receive during the ceremony. 

Patterns: we used a Burda pattern (9618) which is not available any more but we were lucky to find it on ebay! and for the shoes we used a very nice website "Petit Citron" which presents this pattern.

Material: Two shades of yellow cotton fabrics, one white cotton fabric, elastic band, elastic thread, white ribbon, press-studs, machine thread, a lot of patience and two sewing-machines (to work side by side).
Those are pretty useless since, like most babies nowadays, Baby N. wears bodies, BUT I wanted to have them nevertheless because I find them very sweet! My mother-in-law made them. At first the pattern looked weird, but then it all became obvious and they were pretty simple to sew, the "hardest" pieces being the ruffles.
I chose to make them of the colour I used for the pants, a stronger yellow. They were very easy and quick to make (less than two hours), the only thing I would make different is the size of the elastic-band, it isn't tight enough. Those shoes are so easy to make that I plan on making different pairs soon, including some with leather (or fake leather) for when Baby N. will start crawling. 
  Yellow dress
 Also made by my mother-in-law. The pattern was giving the long sleeves for the long dress and the short ones for the small dress but we did the contrary, which made that she got the hassle of fitting the sleeves. It wasn't so bad. One thing we discovered while making the dresses is how to make machine smock. Easy as peas!

One "just" needs to hold a stretched elastic thread along a lign and zig-zag stitch on top of it. For the following ligns, one should stretch the fabric as well as the thread. Finally after releasing the fabric and thread it all comes together!
White dress
The length of this dress is maybe a tad too long, but I like it so. It does look a bit like the old traditional baptism dresses, but without all the different layers and the lace, it is simpler.
My little helper ♥

We are in April but the weather is very changing and last week was quite cold. To prevent Baby N. from getting cold on the way to church and back home, my mother made this lovely fleece jacket. One of the great things about it is that it is perfectly reversible! Buttons and embroidery on both sides and we get a jacket which fits more than just one occasion!
 Baby N. is quite spoiled, don't you think? The three of us, mother and grand-mothers, made those things with a lot of love and the little one looked quite gorgeous! ♥

I only wish the three of us had been able to work all together in one room for a whole week, but being in two different countries does not really help ;) .
Merci beaucoup Maman! Vielen Dank H.!


  1. You (and your family) are amazingly talented!

  2. Oh wow, just checked and it's very easy to leave comments on your blog - love it!

  3. Thanks Rachel for the compliment (blushing now) :) but I guess most people with a sewing machine and a pattern can do just as well, if not better! I made a couple of mistakes (one cannot see it fortunately!) but I will learn from them and do better on my next attempt :)

  4. Well I have a sewing machine but I have no idea really what I'm doing. I would love to make the boys clothes but we get so many hand-me-downs that they don't need anything (which is also good). :)

  5. My daughter does not need clothes either... not really, but I love making something and then bragging that it is home-made ;) You could start with something simple such as bandanas. I will actually soon post a picture of the ones my mother made a couple of weeks ago. Set your machine on straight average stitch, press the pedal gently down, accompany with your hands aaaaand enjoy!

  6. Wow, Fred! lovely little clothes. I like especially the jacket. How cute! And it seems to be all handsewn. Great.

  7. Thanks Cristina, it was a lot of work but we are proud of it! :)