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Monday, 9 April 2012

A hat for next winter

That one isn't for me but I am seriously considering making one for myself too!
 * Two different colours of fleece
* Some thread
* About one hour of free time

Cut four stripes of the required length (not forgetting to add one or two centimeters for the seam). Mine were: 57 cm long and 5 cm large (I will probably try 4 cm next time). 

Note: for the bottom stripe I doubled the width to as to have a confortable double layer around the head and ears. 

Then cut a circle (length after sewing multiplied by π).

Once you are done with the cutting, assemble and sew everything together and... tadaaaa you have a cheap quickly made but still fun-looking winter hat!
I first assembled all stripes together and then closed them in a tube. After that I measure the length of the top stripe to be able to calculate my circle.

If you remember I wrote before about the fleece I get in this post. The fleece is maybe thinner than what I could find in fabric shops or on the internet but the price makes it very attractive and I am not afraid of wasting some by making mistakes!

Now the question, would you wear such a hat? ;)
I definitely would and I hope the person I made it for will like it!!

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