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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guest post from G. from France (2nd)

Back from our holiday in France. We had a great time and I am finally going to be able to show you what I made just before going! But before I wanted to show you what my mother, G., made at Christmas (yes I am late!) for a little girl and her doll.
From this drawing:
Do I need to introduce Jasmine from the 1992 Disney film "Aladin" ?
 G. arrived to this:
 And here is the costume worn by its happy owner:
 As far as my memory goes, I have always had costumes made by my mother, mostly for end of year school shows. I cannot wait to be do the same for my own daughter but also to get G. to make some for Baby N. (who by then will be Young N.!). This costume did take a while and many efforts to make, but it looks brilliant and the little girl was very happy (cannot tell you what the doll thought of it though).

By the way, I know my guest posts are not yet proper guest posts, I mainly present pictures of what the others made (with their consent obviously!)... I am still waiting to get someone who will write one for real... Any volunteers? ;)

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