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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mother-Baby bag

End of September 2011 my baby was then one month old and I thought it was time to start sewing again, especially since I had ideas. One of those ideas was a mummy-baby bag that would allow me to go around with one bag instead of two (my hand-bag and the baby's stuff). It did take a lot of thinking and sewing, so I did not manage to finish it very quickly. I had started using it already in October, with the safety-pins holding the top parts together but it only was completely finished only this week (6 months later)!!

I used:
* some fabrics from Ikea (they have some lovely stuff), the outer fabrics is quite thick and strong.
* two zippers
* two decorative buttons
* various pieces of fabrics which I had left from other projects

The bag:
* two parts separated in the middle
* two straps (one to carry accross the shoulder - one to put around the pushchair handles)

Just some pictures to show you the process:

 Et voilà! Going out made easier with one bag for two persons :) 

P.S: about the straps, I made the mistake of putting them diagonally, I thought it was more logical (balancing the weight) but using it I realised it was not such a great idea. It was too late though, I didn't fancy undoing all the work to change this.


  1. Shall I have one when I will be a mum too ? pleazzzz ! This one is awesome !

  2. If I have time enough then, of course you will get one my lovely sister ^^