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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A little bunny

I love browsing the web, always discovering new blogs, new ideas (often too many!). Here is one which I found particularly nice and had to try out. My fabric isn't that nice and I used only one colour, but it was mainly to experiment it a first time and decide whether I would later make some more or not. The answer is: mooooore!!! (bunnies and therefore fabrics needed).
 The size is not the original size, I like making everything smaller (easier to send by post I suppose). I just hope the recipient of this little bunny will appreciate it. Oh no!! I only just now realised that I have forgotten to put a ribbon around its neck as I had planned to do! I will have to try to remember taking one with me when I go to France.
 If you have the occasion, take a look at this blog, you will find very nice things: Sew much ado.


  1. My bunny !! Actually on the fifth photograph it looks like a cloud and I love it this way. I will wash it to see if it becames the way you said.


  2. @Ben: I washed it before sending it to you, but if you want you can do it again. I forgot to tell you it is best washed with towels apparently (but maybe not at 60°C) xxxx

  3. Ooh, it's so cute being smaller! I'd love it if you added a pic to our Flickr pool to share (!