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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lime Sponge Cake

Yesterday was my husband's birthday so I made a cake. I have from my mother a delicious Orange Cake recipe, but made it often enough to suggest a change: make it into a Lemon Cake. My husband suggested lime instead, so his wishes being orders on his birthday, that is what I did.

Here is the original recipe and in bold characters the modifications I made yesterday:

* 330 gr of sugar
* 115 gr of butter
* 115 gr of flour
* 2 eggs
* a tea-spoon of baking powder
* 2 oranges [6 limes]

How to make it:
* Mix together 115 gr of sugar and 115 gr of melted butter until it looks creamy.
* Add one after the other the eggs, lifting the dough so as to let air come inside, it makes it nice and soft after baking.
* Add the juice of half an orange [two limes] and the grated skin.
* Add 115 gr of flour and the tea-spoon of baking powder.
* Butter a baking form (I usually use a round one) and pour the mix.
* Shortly pre-heat the oven and then bake for 30 min (keep an eye on it though already after 20 min) at 180°C (Th.6)
* While it bakes mix the remaining 115 gr of sugar with the juice of an orange [4 limes].
* Take the cake out of the form (gently!) while still warm and pour the mixed juice (after mixing it well with a small spoon or fork) on the surface of the cake. While cooling down it will absorb the juice+sugar.

 And since I had no time to cristallize some lime skins to decorate the cake, I coloured some white marzipan and shaped it.
Et voilà! A lovely cake for a lovely man
 I dare say it was a big hit! We both loved it and I was totally amazed and happy !!! So proud it worked out so well. I was afraid that it would be a bit weird since I had never baked with limes before, but it worked out absolutely great! I definitely recommand you having a go at it. The orange version is delicious too and I think I will try making it with lemon as well some time.

Now just for the fun I bought some "green" cheese for dinner: yummy!
"Wasabi Gouda"


  1. Wir konnten leider nicht probieren - schade! Gruß H+G

  2. Hab den Kuchen soeben mit Orangen gebacken. Mal sehen, was die Kollegen morgen dazu sagen. Maria

  3. Maria, let me know what they said! (and mainly whether you liked it or not)