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Friday, 23 March 2012

Baby N.'s spring hat

I made a hat for my baby girl. Spring is there now and the fleece hat is just too warm to be worn on most days. I didn't really like any of the hats I have seen so far so I decided to make one myself... Some people like the fabric I have used, some others (most actually!) do not like it at all!
I realised after making it that I did not take any picture of the process, ah well for once it is ok. I just layed down her fleece hat on a sheet of paper, drew the contours, thought a bit and then got on cutting and sewing.

After trying it for a whole afternoon, I realised that it kept going upwards and actually covering Baby N.'s face. So on the same day, once she was in bed, I made two folds on the neck part so as to make it tighter there. It worked! She will not wear it very long as it is very adjusted to her current head-size, but at least at the moment she has a cotton hat to protect her ears from the wind (it is just Spring, not Summer yet!). 
What do you think about it?

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