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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Spiced Mustard Pickle (Piccalilli)

In the midst of moving-house, busy busy busy! But here is a recipe that I made two years ago and which I have been wanting to share for a little while already. For my wedding I received as a present a cooking book "Delia's Happy Christmas" (here) it is full of lovely, yummy recipes! And I got on making chutneys, minced spices, everything I miss from England. Among those things : Picallily Sauce (or whatever it is spellt). 

Here are a couple of pictures which I took during the cooking. Two remarks: it takes a little while and do not breathe over the steaming vinegar unless you have a cold ;-)

Get all ingredients ready - I did not have enough cucumber so I added some gherkins

The spices

This is the moment you should stop breathing!
Don't forget to keep the liquid
It does not look too yummy, especially in a blue bowl but nevermind
Ready to be put into jars!
 If you would like to try it yourself then check out the website (Click here for the recipe) and enjoy! In my opinion it can be eaten with anything.

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