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Friday, 13 January 2012


Nothing very new at the moment, just trying to slowly work on the Baby book project which I started when I was pregnant but it is rather long (a lot of hand embroidery). Moreover we are in the process of moving house, so in the next month or so I will probably only show you things I have made some months or even years ago.

To start with: jewels. This is something I started doing when I was about 10 years old, more or less successfully (usually not even daring giving it to someone!). But those two sets were made for my sisters:

 It was no big deal really since the only thing I really made was to assemble the earrings. Unfortunately also some of the small stones of the green set broke, I will have to make a new earring at some point. But I don't even know if my sisters ever worn them ;)

The part of the set I prefer is the necklace stone, especially the green one, it looks amazing!

I think the next post I will try to write will be about food. It has been too long since I've had something about cooking (actually nothing at all except for the green crêpes I believe).

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  1. hey fred!

    I've just realized that your blog turned a half year a few weeks ago! Great. Since then you shared so much cute ideas. I remember how you doubted that you would have enough to post! haha... you proved yourself wrong I dare say :-) Thanks for sharing! And for comenting as faithful as you do! And about the swap-idea. Yeah... I think it would be fun to exchange something! And concerning the fabrics: there is a nice online shop with with an incredible variaty of fabrics and supplies: Check also