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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Weird Octopus

 Some weeks ago I came across a nice blog "En Direct de la Fabrique de Crevettes" and really liked this toy, so I decided to make one as well. I made it a bit different though. The head isn't round, the eyes are big and strange and it has not mouth!!

Two old socks sewn together to make the head, inside some wadding and a rattle. To cover the ugly seam in the middle: a small white ribbon (it also gives something soft and silky to touch). One eye is orange fleece, the other is green printed cotton with underneath a plastic paper to make a bit of noise. And 24 knitted cords of various sizes and colours for the leggs. Baby N. already loves grabbing them and trying to pull them apart!!

I have to thank my mother-in-law for helping me with the eyes, Baby N. being quite restless these days, I did not have much time to finish the toy.

NOW!! We are waiting for names' suggestions from all of you!


  1. Francoeur. Parce que ses yeux me font penser à la tête de Francoeur dans "Un Monstre à Paris".

  2. KleinChevelu (petit chevelu comme ça t'as les deux langues en plus !)

  3. hey Fred,

    how long didn't I pass by??? I was a little busy and look at you!!! You've got so much done! Great!
    And concerning the octopus. In Spain it's called "pulpo". So how about "pulpo pierre" - to consider also the french touch. :-)
    Have a nice day!