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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Weird Octopus has a name!

The final decision was made today, we had to choose among those:
                Paul, Paula, Pauly, Octopus, Octopussy, Octopaul, Francoeur, Kleinchevelu...
Even Kraken was suggested by my husband!
But somehow none of those really satisfied me. And then this morning while talking with my mother, while Baby N. was talking to the octopus, came the name! Thanks Mum!

I am pleased to present you:

For those who would not know, that means sock. Her head being made of socks, it does make a bit of sense, it sounds nice, not too difficult to pronounce and OBVIOUSLY the eyes being flowers it IS a female octopus, therefore a feminine name suits perfectly.

We will just see how Baby N. will say it next year ;)

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