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Friday, 16 December 2011

Labels & Textures Hedgehogs

Again hedgehogs? Yes! I like them very much much. They are adorable.

Anyway, one the blog I was talking about the other day I also found the idea for the hedgehog. I liked it and, as per usual, thought I had to give it a go! Finally yesterday evening I took my boxes of fabric remains and my box of ribbons out of the shelf and got ready to make two hedgehogs. It is so quick to make! Within one hour I had the two in my hands, finished and I was washing them (by hand... no idea how they would like the washing-machine).

One if for ... someone ;) and the other is for Baby N. - she is only four months old and is still getting to know her weird octopus (this morning she chatted to it before eating it very heartily!), so I will not give it to her straight away. Instead I will wrap it and put it at the foot of our Christmas tree for her to open next week.

Pictures now? ... Ok if you insist, here they are:

Did you notice that it isn't just labels? I really like making things with various textures, babies usually love that, so one side is plain cotton and the other is made of three different fluffly fabrics. I bought a bag of 500gr of Plüschreste a couple of months ago. It is mainly small squares and scraps but it is perfect for that sort of things!
As for the labels, some are ribbons, some are shoe-laces, some are thin ropes etc. 

I cannot wait to see the reactions of the two soon-to-be-owners of those hedgehogs.

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