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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Keeping Baby warm outside - Part 2

I have been wanting for a while to make something warm and cosy for the push-chair in winter (although up to now we haven't really needed it). I started last month but with all my Christmas projects I just kind of left it aside... And then my mother-in-law came to help and in two afternoons it was done! I did about one third of the work, she did the other two thirds : the hardest bits!!
 A big thank you to her!!  
Vielen Dank H. für deine Hilfe!!!

Two layers of fleece and in between the thick cotton which I have been using for the coat extension as well as for the sleeping bag (by the way, that makes the sleeping bag pretty heavy!). Two large zippers and some time... Baby N. will hopefully be warm enough when the harsh cold and the snow come.

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