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Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas presents: more scoodies!

Ever since I discovered this blog explaining how to make scoodies (see my previous post here) I resolved to make some more as Christmas presents.
* Two for my niece and her mother, and for her father I made a scarf:
Mr.X does not want to be recognised

The scarf of the smaller scoodie (although not as small as I wanted it to be) is a lot shorter than the adult sized one. One simple reason: I think that for a small child running around, a knot under the chin is probably safer than turning the scarf around the neck several times and risking the child to step on the scarf if it undoes itself.

* One for one of my brothers:
The scarf piece again is different because at his school scarves are not allowed (apparently the children could strangle themselves and each other while playing...), so I made it shorter and closed it with Velcro® bands (allowing width adjustments). The buttons are just decoration. Red of course for it is his favourite colour!

* Another one for myself... can I consider it as a Christmas present? ... hmmm why not! I needed it to match the colour of my winter-jacket. The red one matches my autumn coat.

Winter is not very cold yet... Was it to allow me enough time to finish everything?

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