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Friday, 9 December 2011

Another sleeping bag

Baby N. needs a lot of layers to keep herself warm enough to sleep through the night, so I though I'd make her a warmer sleeping bag. I also chose to make it big enough to last more than a month. Final result is... let's say VERY big! I still need to finish fixing by hand the zipper at the bottom and to cut the threads. Then hopefully the marks I made on the fabric will disappear after washing (yeah... did draw the cutting lines on the wrong side but noticed only too late!).

I drew the pattern myself, using a piece of clothing which is currently a size too big and made it about 2cm bigger, not sure it was such a great idea but well, we will see how it goes when she sleeps in it. As for the sleeves, the end was actually too tight, so I made them open up to the elbow (when she will be tall enough to actually fill the length of the sleeve!).

I used fleece for the outside, a thick and heavy cotton for the inside which is covered again by a thinner cotton which makes it easier to place Baby in the sleeping bag and finally a 60cm long zipper to close the whole thing.

Enough babbling, here are the pictures:

Plenty of space to move the legs
At the moment the sleeves are too long...
Already thinking of the next one I will sew (I have an idea, maybe nice-looking, on how to place the zipper). It will be blue this time and maybe a tad smaller. 
Why already another one? Because I like washing everything as often as possible and I expect the thick cotton to dry quite slowly, therefore a second sleeping bag would be very useful.

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