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Saturday, 5 November 2011


As I have said in a previous post, I bought many different fleece blankets in order to make various projects and I presented you with this link:
I finally got round to make my first one. Since the tutorial is very clear on this other blog, I will not show the different steps of the sewing process, just the final result. I have tested the "scoodie" for the first time today and must say that I am pleased, very pleased with it! It can be worn loose when the weather is just a bit chilly, or tighter when it gets colder and windier. It also looks rather nice and is completely reversible.

One thing I need to say: the computer automatically printed the pattern on a different scale! It was 94% of the original size but I prefer it this way since I do not intend to wear anything underneath.
Now the pictures:



  1. I think you speak french, so i continue in french ....
    Merci beaucoup pour ton tuto. Je trouve ton écharpe-capuchon très réussie. Je crois que je vais racheter de la polaire et en faire une à ma fille.
    Merci ^^

  2. Effectivement je parle francais ;)

    J'ai une deuxième écharpe en route pour ma veste des grands froids qui est couleur framboise, le rouge ne convient donc pas :-p et au moins deux autres en pré-préparation pour les cadeaux de Noel, et une autre que je vais adapter pour faire un col plutôt qu'une écharpe car dans certaines écoles primaires en France les écharpes sont maintenant interdites!!

    Ta fille a quel âge? Avec l'aide de mon mari j'ai pu calculer les mesures pour taille 55 et taille 50, dis moi si ca t'intéresse.

  3. Hey Fred!

    I like your hoodie a lot. I bet now you can't await the cold stormy weather to come ;-)
    Thanx for your comment by the way. I hope to post more frequently this autumn and winter. And therefore I'll try to get some projects done so that I can show them to you.
    So... hope to read from you.

  4. Hey Cristina! I have started using the scoodie already, it is nice and warm. I need to make the one which will fit with my proper winter jacket now, winter is upon us!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.