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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More Christmas Decorations

Three days late here is finally our "Adventskranz". My mother-in-law and I only managed yesterday to find the time to meet up and make our "Kränze". Here is mine:

 This year the candles are white and of different sizes (this way at the end of Advent they will all be roughly the same size). Last year they were deep red, but white also looks very nice.

For my first Christmas in Germany after my wedding I made a couple of things:

A cloth to put under the Adventskranz or just in the middle of the table as decoration

A table cloth
Those two aren't on the table yet as I need to clear away my sewing-machine but soon I will finish setting-up everything for Christmas. The last thing will be the Christmas tree but we do not have much space left with all the baby stuff... Let's see!
One thing I will definitely not be making this year is this:

We need to open and close often the small second part of our door for the pram, so having this sort of decoration would be quite annoying as it would sprinkle needles all the time!

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