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Monday, 28 November 2011

Keeping Baby warm outside - Part 1

Winter is still not really there, but it is slowly getting colder. My husband and I recently bought a new baby-carrier which is much better for our poor shoulders and back (it has a strap around the hips like hiking backpacks), the only thing is that with Baby N. in the carrier I cannot close my coat. One can buy an already-made sort of coat extension, but they are quite expensive. So I thought "I have a sewing-machine, a bit of time... Let's get on with making one then!"
Three different fabrics: two layers of thin fleece (I didn't have thicker black fleece), one layer of thick cotton and one layer of laminate (click here). A small cord, two cord-stoppers, a YKK 5VS zipper compatible with the zippers of our winter jackets. Two to three hours of work (split on two days) and here is the result:

I have been using it for about a week now and I can say that it is quite warm. Baby N. will need to wear her warmer clothes when it get properly cold, but for now she is fine with less layers. We do keep each other warm!


  1. Hey Fred!
    Absolutely great! Looks like a bought one. Really good. Some things look so much more complicated then they are. That's why some labels make so high prices. But they don't mess with you, for sure :-)

  2. Thanks Cristina :) I have seen one already-made and I realised I could have made mine better but nevermind. At least I will know for the next one (if I ever make another one).