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Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Decorations

Advent has begun, Christmas markets are open, incense is burning in our house, decorations are up (even Baby N. has decorations on her rocker and likes them very much), Christmas music is playing, Stollen, Domino Steine and other yummy things on the table... Ooooh it really is one of my favourite parts of the year! 
Snow and great cold are not there yet but I am NOT complaining as I find winter rather long and dark and cold here...

My husband also took part in yesterday's activity of decorating the flat by building our star like every year now and by assembling a wooden decoration which is not bigger than an adult hand (To give a better idea of the size: the metal in the middle is a sewing needle!). Enough talk, let's see the pics:

 I wish you all a lovely Advent!


  1. Fred! This reminds me of spending time with you and Andreas last December in your winter wonderland:) We will assemble our Christmas star soon enough, too.
    With love, S x

  2. Seeing all your decorations and advent preparations is making me feel festive :) I love the wooden decoration, I have a few similar ones :D And the red/yellow star is VERY impressive!

  3. @S. : Winter Wonderland isn't white yet this year! Enjoy your star :)

    @Petite_alouette: How are you doing with your advent preparations? The star is traditional around here, you can see it in almost every house. It looks lovely when you look at the windows from the street.