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Monday, 3 October 2011

What happens when you leave your husband and your sister alone in the kitchen?

That was now almost three months ago. I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy and my youngest sister came to visit and help me at home. One day my husband was there (so it must have been on a weekend) and we decided to make crêpes. Nothing extraordinary one would say and I would normally agree. BUT my husband and my sister were alone in the kitchen, preparing the dough and she made a comment about the "yellowness" of the eggs. According to her when our mother makes crêpes the dough looks more yellow. She thought the dough they were making wasn't yellow enough. So to please her my husband added some yellow food-colouring to the dough... Weird idea.

I was in the living-room doing some spool-knitting and patiently waiting for the meal. Here is what came in my plate:
What colour is that? I am not quite sure a sort of greenish turquoise I suppose. After adding the yellow colouring, my darling husband wanted to have more fun and added some more colour, this time blue... Why not?
Incidentally here is what they were filled with:
 Mushrooms, grated emmental, ham pieces and mozarella. Once closed they were topped by delicious Béchamel sauce and a bit more grated cheese. 

The meal was both YUMMY (very!) and fun :) and that's what happens when one leaves a husband and a sister who gets on well alone in the kitchen.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's amazing!!! Those are certainly the most 'unique' crêpes I've ever seen!! =D

  2. Crèpes à la Shrek !