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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Guest post from Isabel, Spain

Last week I exchanged a couple of emails with a spanish friend, she told me I had inspired her to get back to spool-knitting. Here is what she wrote with two pictures to illustrate:

"Dear Fred,
I am reading your blog and love it! It's great seeing someone so much interested on sewing and knitting. In fact, this summer, after you showed the spool-knitting purse, I started remembering that I used to do it when I was a kid, and ended up buying some wool and making a scarf. I thought it a bit short.

Anyway, I'll explain what I did: I just took four balls of yarn (all in different greens) and knitted each one separately. Then I braided the four and added the fringe, as the person I made it for said she wanted it (plus, the truth is that the whole thing was quite short).  I ended up doing my own instrument out of the base of a kitchen paper roll.There are two cardboard tubes. I ended up using the one with the toothpicks because, even though I did not tighten the thread, the "battlements" bent. I didn't use the two discs for the scarf or the fringe. I used almost all of the yarn, but some of the cords were a bit longer, so I ended up creating a pompom.

The scarf is about 1.5 m, though since it is braided, it ended up being shorter. It took me about three or four afternoons (not complete; I only do this stuff when I'm watching TV)."

I don't know about you, readers, but I really like the idea and I will most probably get on making similar scarves as soon as I have a bit of time (and my other projects are finished)!

"I ended up doing my own instrument out of the base of a kitchen paper roll"
"The scarf is about 1.5 m"

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