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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Yoga cushion

My posting isn't as regular as at the beginning already... Being quite busy and tired does not help and I am also trying to finish as many sewing jobs as possible. Repaired a dress and a skirt yesterday, still a shirt to do, some patchwork activity with my mother-in-law (almost done which means: pictures soon!). I started a toy hedgehog in which I will put a music-box for the baby. And finally, the topic of my post today: I saw the end of my "yoga cushion".

I started thinking of making one after my first yoga lesson six months ago but I didn't get round to doing it until much later. Finally now that I will not really need it anymore it is completed. On Yencamade's blog there is a very similar one (although I think better looking than mine) and I realised when cutting the last thread of my cushion that I had forgotten to make a handle! Ah well... maybe next time. 

First I must say that I am quite obsessed with being able to wash everything. Therefore I chose to make an inside cushion first and then the cover.



I drew two circles and then calculated the circonference (3,1415 x diameter) in order to know the length needed for the middle band. Only afterwards did I remember that I should have cut the band with a couple extra centimeters. The cushion isn't really well done but it isn't meant to be seen, 
so I figured it did not matter!
I left a small opening to be able to pour the mini polystyrene beads. The funnel did not prove useful as the beads got stuck. So I just poured from the jug. And afterwards just closed the cushion.

I paid a lot more attention for the outside cover. The circles were almost perfect, the band got its few extra centimeters, and I even managed to put the zipper in a way which doesn't look too ugly (zippers are not easy to sew properly and I still need to progress on that specific skill!). I chose the black fabric for the bottom as it is due to be on the ground and therefore it will get dirty faster.

Now some self-critics: 
1) I underestimated the size of my behind (*blushing*) and made the cushion a bit too small...
2) The 25cm zipper is almost too small to let the inner cushion in.
3) Polystyrene beads are quite nice and comfy but to make a "proper" yoga cushion I should have used something heavier. It might make a nice head-cushion though.

Ah well... "C'est en faisant qu'on apprend" (we learn by doing), next time it will be better!


  1. petite_alouette4 August 2011 at 22:48

    Oooh nice fabrics!!! I like the contrast between the green and the black.

    (Also, much prefer the font used for commenting/the information on your blog. It's much easier to read :) )

  2. Hey!
    Hope you are well! Little days to go :-)

    I made a Yoga cushion myself and filled it with spelt husk (in German: Dinkelspelz or Dinkelspreu).
    It's organic, it smells great (some say it helps against headache), and it is a little heavier than polystrene. Try it out. Perhaps you'll like it.
    Take care!

  3. @Petite Alouette: yes I changed the font because you were not the only one to say it wasn't easy to read before.
    As for the fabric, I also bought a piece of the same in blue... I just loved them and at the moment we have sales soooooooooo ;)

    @Yencamade: I'll have a look at spelt husk, sounds interesting.
    And yes not long to go now 8 days but it feels like the whole eternity!!!