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Monday, 22 August 2011

Spool knitting : the result

Baby was born a week ago and is taking a lot of my time so posting will be rare for the next few weeks, time to adjust to our new life.

Sleeping time at the moment so I post pictures of the final result of my spool-knitting project. I am not really satisfied and will not be able to use it as a money-purse as it was originally intended, but I guess it will be good enough for my make-up. 8,20 meters of knitted cord takes a long time on the traditional tool so I will probably get a semi-mechanical one later on.
I made no pattern for this, just measuring and cutting on the spot. The way I made the inside separation bit isn't quite right but only after finishing it I had an idea of how to make it better! Ah well, next one!


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