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Monday, 22 August 2011

Spool knitting : the result

Baby was born a week ago and is taking a lot of my time so posting will be rare for the next few weeks, time to adjust to our new life.

Sleeping time at the moment so I post pictures of the final result of my spool-knitting project. I am not really satisfied and will not be able to use it as a money-purse as it was originally intended, but I guess it will be good enough for my make-up. 8,20 meters of knitted cord takes a long time on the traditional tool so I will probably get a semi-mechanical one later on.
I made no pattern for this, just measuring and cutting on the spot. The way I made the inside separation bit isn't quite right but only after finishing it I had an idea of how to make it better! Ah well, next one!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Another Baby mobile

A very short article today which will be followed by a possibly long silence: Baby isn't there yet but it should not be long now before we hold him or her in our arms. 

The pram and cot are finally ready. My mother-in-law found this lovely cot and decided to change the cloth (originally plain light blue) and with the remains of the fabric I decided to make a few birds to hang on top. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hedgehog "New Generation"

 Not writing much in two weeks and suddenly two posts in one day... Well that's because I finished my first music-box cudly toy!

There is a bit of a story behind it. When she was a child my mother had a small hedgehog with a very lovely music (which I now know to be "Schlaf, Kinderlein schlaf"). And when she had children of her own (my sibblings and myself), she played the music for us and let us play with the cute hedgehog. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo to show, but it was small and sweet although a bit hard. We loved it and one day my youngest brother pulled the string too far and broke it! I could not imagine my children growing without this music-box but had no choice... Until I started reading Yencamade's blog and found out about this great website with "washable" music-boxes. To my great delight I found the beloved music again.
At first I considered doing some surgery on the original hedgehog but the fabrics are getting quite worn out, it probably would not have survived the operation! So I set out to look for new fabrics with the help of one of my sisters. I could not find anything that was really close to what I wanted so my sister chose the two fabrics. I must say that I love the result and feel like cuddling the little thing all the time now.
 I tried to make my own pattern but it didn't really work and I was too tired yesterday to even think about it further. A quick google search led me to this website: and this is the pattern I used 
Here are some pictures of the process started last night and finished today.

Yoga cushion

My posting isn't as regular as at the beginning already... Being quite busy and tired does not help and I am also trying to finish as many sewing jobs as possible. Repaired a dress and a skirt yesterday, still a shirt to do, some patchwork activity with my mother-in-law (almost done which means: pictures soon!). I started a toy hedgehog in which I will put a music-box for the baby. And finally, the topic of my post today: I saw the end of my "yoga cushion".

I started thinking of making one after my first yoga lesson six months ago but I didn't get round to doing it until much later. Finally now that I will not really need it anymore it is completed. On Yencamade's blog there is a very similar one (although I think better looking than mine) and I realised when cutting the last thread of my cushion that I had forgotten to make a handle! Ah well... maybe next time. 

First I must say that I am quite obsessed with being able to wash everything. Therefore I chose to make an inside cushion first and then the cover.



I drew two circles and then calculated the circonference (3,1415 x diameter) in order to know the length needed for the middle band. Only afterwards did I remember that I should have cut the band with a couple extra centimeters. The cushion isn't really well done but it isn't meant to be seen, 
so I figured it did not matter!
I left a small opening to be able to pour the mini polystyrene beads. The funnel did not prove useful as the beads got stuck. So I just poured from the jug. And afterwards just closed the cushion.

I paid a lot more attention for the outside cover. The circles were almost perfect, the band got its few extra centimeters, and I even managed to put the zipper in a way which doesn't look too ugly (zippers are not easy to sew properly and I still need to progress on that specific skill!). I chose the black fabric for the bottom as it is due to be on the ground and therefore it will get dirty faster.

Now some self-critics: 
1) I underestimated the size of my behind (*blushing*) and made the cushion a bit too small...
2) The 25cm zipper is almost too small to let the inner cushion in.
3) Polystyrene beads are quite nice and comfy but to make a "proper" yoga cushion I should have used something heavier. It might make a nice head-cushion though.

Ah well... "C'est en faisant qu'on apprend" (we learn by doing), next time it will be better!