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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sweet hair-clip

I have been meaning to post something for the past week but didn't really get round to it... Too tired and somewhat busy - been working on my spool-knitting. Unfortunately I haven't finished this project yet so I have to post about something else: my Mothers Day creation for instance.
It felt a bit like when I was at primary school, sticking things together and painting them before offering them with all my love to my darling mother. The only difference is that I am a little more than a quater of a century old!
More seriously, my mother became my guinea-pig and I decided to experiment on her what I could make for other people later: nice and original looking hair-clips.

My mother is a brilliant cook. Two or three years ago she decided to experiment baking Macarons. Lovely little sweet things which cost a fortune when bought in a Boulangerie-Pâtisserie in France and everywhere in the world. She managed them so well that she even made some for my wedding! 
So I decided to make her fake and colourful macarons to wear in her hair.

I bought a large hair-clip and some sort of clay (dough) which gets hard simply by drying with air, no need to put it in the oven. Then once the different pieces were dry, I painted them and put a coat of varnish to make the whole thing shine. And finally I glued everything together. On the clip I had glued a piece of white cotton in order to 1) make it slightly prettier 2) for the macarons to stick better.
The final result does not look too bad (my husband even said it looked yummy) - my mother appreciated it BUT I have learnt one thing about this experiment: hair-clips need to be a lot lighter to be worn comfortably. This one is too heavy and therefore it will just be decoration on the shelf ;-)

Lesson: make everything a bit thinner OR find another material to work with.

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