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Monday, 18 July 2011

Spool knitting

A second post today just to give a preview of what I started on the weekend. 
On Saturday being a bit bored and not wanting to sew, I decided to take out the spool knitting mushroom that was in my grand-mother's sewing-box (which is now mine). I had in mind that it was difficult and boring but went for it nevertheless. On Youtube I found a video by the author of and just followed her simple explanations (in French). I tried with a bit of white wool, it worked out, so on the next day I was in Karstadt taking advantage of the sales and bought 6 balls of yarn. At the end of the day I had knitted 1,45m of it.
What to do with so it? The question was answered by Mouette in her blog: a bag!
I knitted and knitted, but it came to my mind that for a first time it might be of an ambitious project. I have therefore reduced it to making a money-purse. Last night I had over 2,80m of cord but just about a third of my pattern filled... I assume it will take me some time to complete the project. But I really enjoy it and like the result, then I might ask for a mechanical spool knitting machine for my birthday.
Just take a look at what I had done by lunchtime yesterday:

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  1. petite_alouette22 July 2011 at 19:21

    Oh!!! That's so cool!!! I used to have one of these when I was a child except I never managed to make as much as you...I always used to get a bit bored! The yarn you bought is really nice, I like the multi-colours :)