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Friday, 15 July 2011


I made my first mobile when I was in England. I had received six very sweet German wooden decorations for my birthday and could not find the right place to put them all. And then it came to my mind that putting them all together could produce a lovely effect. My only self-imposed requirement was that it should be in shades of brown so as to emphasize the decorations rather than the mobile itself. I used a sort of brown, thin and supple suede cord, two embroidery hoops of different sizes and a very large wooden button.
I simply love the result and this mobile is hanging throughout the seasons.  

My next attempt was two years later when I was about to celebrate Easter in Germany for the first time. I am so impressed at all the efforts a lot of people make to decorate their homes around here! I just wanted to do the same. I got a bit more ambitious and went for a trickier project, made with nylon thread (difficult to see and to prevent everything to get completely tangled) and all the elements were a lot lighter than for my previous mobile, managing the weight and balance was a real challenge.

But then again the result was quite pleasant and I was quite happy to have my first seasonal mobile.
I made a third one around Christmas time 2010 as well, but unfortunalty I cannot find out in which folder I have put the picture (IF I made one at all in fact).
There is a very good reason for me to show you those: baby will be arriving soon and I am currently making him or her a mobile to hang above the bed. I am a bit slow at doing things these days, so it might be that I will not be finished until the end of the weekend despite its simplicity! But when I will be done you can expect pictures of the process as well as the final product AND possibly a video too.

Before I finish and publish this post, one question for those who read me: any idea of where I could get a sort of "arm" to hang the mobile above the bed? (in German it seems to be simply called mobilehalter ). Something like this: I don't like the look of the wooden ones on Amazon and the plastic ones they have do seem - according to the comments - to hang quite low. 
I'd be greatful for suggestions!

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