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Monday, 4 July 2011

Little birdies

I talked last week about table decorations for a birthday last year. Well, this year we had another big party for my mother-in-law's birthday and I wanted to make special decorations again. I had many ideas but then when a friend of mine sent me this link: I knew this was it! I practiced on one and decided it was quite quick and easy to make.

The instructions here: are very well explained and one just has to follow them step by step. Using the sewing-machine makes it faster than doing it by hand.

My mother-in-law liked the idea and we got on making them from old fabrics. They don't look quite has pretty and colourful as the ones on the website but that was ok. When I decide to make a bird mobile for my child, then I will choose the prettiest fabrics ever!
The only thing about my idea was that we didn't realise that the number of birds needed was quite large. By the end of it I had made about 34 birds and was getting sick of them!

 It was nevertheless quite rewarding to see them on the tables (that was around Easter hence the general decoration theme) and again the guests were quite happy to leave with their own little bird.

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