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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baby's book project - 2

Posting already the second part of the baby's book project as I have done a bit of work on it over the weekend.

Everything being set-up I "just" need to get on sewing and do the embroidery (my favourite activity!). I started with the embroidery and considered doing all of it first and then do the sewing but I still need to decide what's the best way to go: finish a double page and then get on to the next or use one skill at the time and going through the whole book several times...

 To give the pages a bit of thickness and a slight rigidity I am adding a coat of Vilene which can be ironed so as to make one side stick to the cloth.

And on one page I have added a squeaky thing (called Quietsche in German and found on this website: ).

And despite having done the last page, I still have about 12 pages to go through!


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  1. Woooowww! Great! I have such a baby book on my list for a long time now... but I haven't made it yet. I will send you some pictures for inspiration as you said that you have some more pages to go.
    Et c'est en francais! Magnifique... Will you raise your baby bilingually?
    I try it too... I only speak Spanish with Lucas. But with my husband I speak German... so at first it was really difficult for me to go through it. And today I had to say that it is still difficult when there are other German people around. But I try my best...