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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baby's book project - 1

Baby is due quite soon now, about a month to go. I am getting quite impatient but at the same time I still have many things that I want to make to him/her so I am not too much in a hurry. The project that I started last week though will not need to be finished so soon as it requires the baby to be a couple of months old to appreciate it: a book.

Now, it isn't a normal paper or carton book with text, but a soft book of textures, colours and shapes.
I will be showing you pictures of it little by little as I go along making it.
 The first step I took was to make a test with paper, placing the various elements, doing some drawings in order to get a first general idea of what it could look like.

Then I chose the fabric for the pages: a simple white cotton. After much thinking on the size, I cut three (or was it four?) stripes of about 16 cm width and 66 cm length. Then I cut them in the middle and obtained what were to become double pages.

One final page will be 14x14cm, and I have left a space of about 2cm in the middle to sew all the pages together in the end.

After cutting everything I started setting up all the elements of the book and in a next post I will show and tell you more about it ...

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