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Monday, 18 July 2011

Baby mobile

Finally it is finished. Very simple to make, it just took me time because I am a bit lazy these days and also because on the weekend I started two other projects (I sometimes find focusing on one thing only a bit boring).

First I got from the wooden parts for the mobile and from (thanks a lot Cristina of Yencamade for the tip!) I bought the music-box. To be perfectly honest I ordered four different music-boxes but only this one is used for mobiles and turns with the music. La Le Lu is the chosen tune.

 And with fleece, ribbons, coton, wool and wadding I made the different elements:

 Some were too small and when turned inside out, they looked strangely shaped so I had to make them over again but bigger. I'm not very happy with the shape of my clouds but I guess I just need practice with my sewing-machine on making small objects. The face of the moon was made by hand-embroidery which is why it looks a bit funny from above (see the video).

On the whole though I am quite satisfied with the result and I hope Baby will have sweet dreams thanks to this mobile.

Considering getting the plastic holder from amazon (cf. previous post) and just see if it fits. Anybody else had an idea?

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