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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Inaugural post

Here I am, finally. To begin with I will post old creations along side the most recent ones. I will not try to make it chronological.
I just hope I will be able to post regularly.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yeay! You made it! And the result looks great! Congrats!
    And also congrats on this little one to come! Yeah, this are exciting times and as a mother to a five months old baby I promise that this times will stay for a while - it's a great adventure! :-)
    I will add your blog to my list and I'm really looking forward to follow it regularly.
    It's so nice to share the experiences with you!
    I wish you a lot fun with your blog!

  3. ohhhh.... I think you have to authorize the comments... hmmm... I've already sent two... sorrry, I thought that something went wrong. So please chose only one of them - it's nearly the same comment anyway.
    Thanks and good luck,

  4. Hey Cristina! Thanks for your comments :) I actually chose the option of moderating all comments before they are published but I don't know if that's such a good idea in the end. What is your option? Do you get the comments by email? and what did you chose: when I post a comment on your blog I have to type some letters before it is accepted.

    I really like the idea of the "blogging community" and getting to "meet" people in similar situations, exchanging ideas, questions and experiences.

    Have a lovely day

  5. Hey there again!

    About the comments. I admit all of them automatically and later I see what they are about. Therefore I have to use my dashbord. Blogger doesn't send me any email. (although it would be practical - I have to check this). And yes, I have to introduce some letters to send the post as you do. hey... wow... there's another post... I have to read it! See you :-D