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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Felt food

Reading the blog "Que cache ma boite à Belette", I realised how simple it is to make pretend food. Searching a bit on the internet a lot of people actually make cakes, doughnuts, sushis and so on and so forth.

My husband and I are expecting our first child and since we are both very keen on cooking, we will encourage our child to enjoy food and cooking. What can be best than having a fantastic, yummy looking play-set? 

I have been making attempts at doughnuts and pieces of chocolate cake which I sent off to friends for their birthdays. 

There is actually one french word which does not have its proper translation in English "La gourmandise". This isn't greed as some dictionnaries translate it, it is more subtle and actually a good thing in France! Someone who is "gourmand" will not just enjoy food but rather love it.

These are the said-doughnuts. My very first attempt was far too flat, but the others looked more decent. The realisation itself is very simple and you can find the explanations here:

And here are the chocolate cakes:
  The author of "Que cache ma boite à Belette" does have a printable pattern, but I chose to at least double the size since it was meant for adults and not a child. With different colours, different materials, different beads it is very easy to let our imagination run wild and invent hundreds of different cakes.

For my child's playset I am actually considering putting a piece of velcro on both side in the middle so as to be able to assemble the different pieces in one big cake that you can then pretend to cut. That should be fun, will post pics when I get to finally do it!


  1. Beautiful! I really like these little treats.
    I love felted food, too. Last year my husband gave me some felted vegetables ans sushi which he bought on etsy. I will show it to you some time. And I collect pictures of felted food, toys and every day utensils for years as an inspiration for future projects. So... yours will be printed out and filed. :-) Have you seen my pincushion-cake: It's small, but it was my first felted food :-)

  2. If you have time at some points you could share your pics, I could then get more inspiration too!
    Don't think I have seen your pincushion-cake, will have to check that out.

    One thing about the felt I use: it is synthetic I think. On one of the blogs I follow "Oneinchworld" she tends to use natural felt.

    The only drawback though is that you cannot wash felt, so I am thinking of using other materials for a child's play-set.

  3. Oh, yes... I forgot. You'll find the pincushion here: - but it isn't obviously for babies... But your idea with the fleece is great. felt is fantastic to work with but as you right said it has its problems. Nicki is very good, too, but it is more complicated to work with.