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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The SC & more n°338: Pegs

This week Isabelle asked is to be creative with pegs. It brought back memories of my childhood when DIYing with my sister and our Grandmother.

I made a pen-holder this time, very simple. An every day object transformed into another commonly used object... both very useful. Now a question: should I paint it?

The other participations are here.

See you again next week if not earlier!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The SC&more n°337: traffic jams

Ange has given us a rather interesting and puzzling theme for this week's challenge: traffic jams.
Now, we were on holiday in France two weeks ago, a great time with the family and a looooong drive! BUT we never get into the traffic jams. Two perfectly good reasons: first we usually are driving towards the other directions, second we drive at night. Over 1000km by car with two children under 6yo and who have the tendency to be sick quickly, it is the safest option. It is tiring but Oh! so quiet! No "are we there yet" for 12 hours :)

Then I thought again, what would I do IF I were in traffic jams (as a passenger of course) and IF I could do something without getting sick (I am like my children, or rather they are like me?).

Here is my answer: Treasure Bags!


I still need to perfect my pattern (yarn was 50%cotton, 50% acrylic and I used a 4.5mm hook), but each bag took me about one hour of work and my children were over the moon. Even my little brother asked for one! The children always gather small things when we go around. So having a light small bag comes in handy. 

Now, that is also a bag which is great for the parents, it is an Intelligent Bag

If it goes through the holes: it is too small to go home!
It doesn't fit in the bag: it is too big to go home!

On the next day the bags were tested the hard way. The children filled them with loads of stones. The bags did pass with high colours, but the shoulderstrap became a little elongated. I will see if it goes back to its previous shape after washing the bags.

So that's it, that's what I could be making if I were stuck in traffic jams. Take a look at the museum to see what the others came up with :)

And see you next week for the next challenge on Isabelle's blog. Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The SC & more n°331: Faites de la Musique

 I sing in the German-French Choir of my town. I really enjoy it and we've just had our summer concerts. We usually wear black trousers or skirts, but just two weeks before the concerts, my black trousers abandonned me (read: big holes that I could not repair). I did not want to go shopping, I never find anything I really like and that really suits me. So I took out my old Burda magazines and chose a pattern.

Picture for the Museum, visit the page for more creations
 And now I have a skirt that I LOVE! It's shape is quite flattering, it does even "hide" my belly ;)
Now, the SC & more challenge for this week has the "Fête de la Musique" for theme, or rather "Faites de la Musique" - make music. I am not out of topic since the skirt was sewn for my choir singing. My favourite part of the skirt: the pockets! I love the cherries ^^.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Ever since I discovered elderflower on my first trip to England (2002!), I have loved it. This year I decided to try my hand at making gelée, thanks to a very simple recipe provided by a friend of mine.
It was very little work despite the long process - the flowers need to infuse for a whole 12 hours! And the result was great! I just need to improve the gelée aspect. Mine isn't quite as firm as I would have wanted it. 

Still, I am proud to present my very first batch of Elderflower Gelée!

PS: I can hardly get T.'s nose out of the jar when I put it on the breakfast table :) That's the greatest compliment of all!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sewing for the Kindergarten

N. and T.'s Kindergarten has been renovating a small room and the children named it the "Jungle room". All parents were asked to contribute with some help for painting the walls with fun animals, or making cushions etc.
Here is my contribution:

Made of fleece and quite small, they will be perfectly fine in the washing-machine and I hope the little ones will like playing with them.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Kitchen crochet

I love the Catania yarn from Schachenmayr. It is my favourite to make toys for children (mine and my friends'). I got several books for Christmas, one of them is full of patterns for the children's toy-kitchen. I started a muffin-form when my son went to Kindergarten in January, but I didn't go far, lacking time really... Then last weekend I took my crochet bag with me and decided to finish it. I made a four-muffin-form instead of a six one. My children's oven isn't that very big and I also do not intend on making too many muffins (four to eight will do).
The felt sweets I made several years ago fit quite nicely, so I might not even bother making cupcakes or muffins ;)
I like the colours, citrus fruits and bright summer-sky blue! The perfect baking-form for summer!

In addition I used a bit of left-over yarn to make lollipops. N. and T. love them!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The SC & more n°329: Fox

This week we are invited at Jessica's, her chosen them: Fox. Inspiration was hard to find, until I opened my small cupboard with my fleece fabrics. I had this bright orange coupon which was shouting "use me!" pretty loudly. So even though it is not really the season for scarf, I made one. I will probably use it as a Christmas present next december ;)

I didn't want to make it too long, I just wanted the scarf to be wrapped around the neck. It is quite cosy and warm.
The tail was planned differently, longer, pointier BUT
I had a small mishap while sewing: I forgot to mirror the two pieces. Undoing a seam on fleece is a nightmare, so I just shortened it.
Next time I'll pay better attention.

Check out the Museum
How do you like it? I can hardly wait for the next challenge on Friday :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The SC & more n°328 : Black & White

This week Isabelle dreams in B&W, or all white, or all black ;)
My daughter is going to her Grand-parents for a sleep-over for the very first time tomorrow. I am probably more worried than she is! She is actually extremely excited about it. But nevertheless, I expect her to be a trifle sad when comes bedtime. So I prepared her two things:
1- a kiss-tissue. The idea was given to me by my sister. She prepared a whole box of tissues when she went away for several days without her daughters. I liked the idea very much and decided to give N. one for the night.

I don't usually use make-up but for once my lipstick got used! ;)

2- I made her a mini comforter-cushion in white satin fabric with black thread. The heart in the middle isn't too good because I didn't draw first. The cushion is a little crooked because I made it quickly without taking measurements first. Inside I have put a little bit of batting to give some fluffiness to the comforter.
For the Museum
I am ready to bet my son is going to ask for those things as well. He was a little jealous of his sister's trip, but I promised him a mother-son day and I planned fun activities such as taking a round-trip in the "Parkeisenbahn" - a mini-train going all around the huge park in our town. This should be a lot of fun!

I am taking things slow, but I quite enjoy being back on my blog and writing again. I hope you are enjoyin reading my posts ;)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The SC & more n°327 : Mother's Day

This week's challenge is given by Madame Cerise. She asks us to make something for Mother's Day (last weekend of may in France). I already sent something to my mother and it wasn't made by me ;) so I am showing you what my 4,5yo daughter made me the other day. She loves drawing hearts and trying her hand at writing. And with her, every day is Mother's Day!

Check out the Museum to see what the others came up with.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mouette m'a taguée!

 Il y a quelques semaines Mouette m'a taguée pour un petit jeu de questions-réponses. Merci Mouette! Je réponds à mon tour à tes questions:

1) Pourquoi as-tu choisi de faire ce blog ?

J'ai commencé ce blog en juin 2011, bientôt 5 ans et 405 articles, avec des hauts et des bas, mais j'essaye de m'accrocher. J'ai choisi de faire ce blog pour montrer mes créations. J'ai toujours aimé travailler de mes deux mains, mais en 2009 à mon arrivée en Allemagne j'ai reçu une machine à coudre et n'ai pas arrêté depuis. J'avais envie de partager avec tout le monde mes idées, mes créas et tutos.
2) Chien ou chat ?

Je n'aime pas que les chiens me sautent dessus, me lèchent, qu'ils aient besoin de jouer, d'être sortis et j'aime encore moins ramasser leurs besoins ;)
J'aime l'indépendance des chats, leur démarche féline, leurs humeurs,... 
Par contre nous n'en avons pas, pour cause d'allergie mais aussi car mon mari ne trouve pas la vie en appartement adaptée pour un chat. Peut-être un jour, lorsque nous aurons notre maison :)

3) Ton moment de la journée préféré ?

Le soir quand je me glisse entre mes draps, quand les enfants sont couchés, que la maison est calme et que la journée est enfin terminée.

4) Sucre ou sucrettes ?

Sucre, mais rarement de toute manière, je ne bois pas de café seulement du thé, et je ne prends de sucre que dans mon infusion vanille-caramel :)

5) Vacances sac à dos ou all inclusive ?

All-inclusive mais j'essaye d'alléger chaque année. Ce qui est plus facile maintenant que les enfants sont plus grands. Dans quelques années ce sera sac-à-dos j'espère!
6) Si tu ne devais choisir qu’un seul objet pour partir sur une île déserte ?

Non mais quelle question! C'est difficile de répondre. Si j'ai de quoi boire et manger, alors je choisis ma copie des "Trois Mousquetaires". Sinon pour être plus pratique, mon Opinel.

7) Pourquoi ce nom de blog ?

Parce qu'à la base mon blog était prévu pour partager des articles de mes amies, j'ai eu quelques "guest posts" mais assez peu finalement.

8) Si tu devais choisir un super pouvoir, lequel serait-il ?

De pouvoir tout faire facilement en claquant des doigts ou remuant mon nez comme Ma Sorcière bien-aimée - après relecture du blog de Mouette, je me suis souvenue qu'elle aussi :D 

9) La chose qui t'énerve le plus ?

 Encore une question difficile, j'ai une liste longue comme le bras de choses qui m'énerve. Je vais dire "joker" car je ne saurais vraiment pas y répondre.

10) Ville ou campagne ?

Pas la grande ville comme Paris, mais plutôt intermédiaire. Je vis à Dresde, en Allemagne, la ville est assez grande sans l'être de trop (un demi million d'habitants je crois), d'excellents transports, des musées en pagaille mais aussi la campagne à portée de main, de la verdure partout... Donc dans l'ensemble les avantages de la ville et de la campagne au même endroit.

11) Tagada ou nounours en guimauve ?

Tagada, je n'aime pas vraiment la guimauve.
Et je tague les 11 blogueurs suivants :

Et voici leurs questions:

1) Quand et pourquoi as-tu commencé ton blog?
2) Printemps, été, automne ou hiver?
3) Que voulais-tu faire comme métier quand tu étais au primaire?
4) Qu'aimerais-tu avoir comme super pouvoir?
5) Ton plat préféré?
6) Quelle(s) langue(s) parles-tu?
7) Ton style de musique?
8) Ta fleur préférée?
9) Voudrais-tu changer quelques choses dans tes habitudes cette année pour respecter un peu plus l'environnement?
10) Chien ou chat?

Amusez-vous bien!